Paul Mende

Research Interests

String Theory, Quantum Chromodynamics.

I study string interactions at short distances. I've been exploring experimental tests to detect the signature property that extended strings, unlike conventional particles in general relativity, do not fall along geodesics. Recently I've been studying the spacetime trajectories of strings scattering from D-branes.

I also study heavy-quark physics and recently have been exploring QCD in slightly more than two spacetime dimensions in order to accurately control approximations to real-life semi-leptonic decays of B mesons.

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Odds and Ends

Selected non-physics projects I've put on the net:
The Capitol Steps

Washington's premier musical political satirists, playing the 'net weekly.

Love Enter, a novel by Paul Kafka

The Web's first hypermedia book reading. Kafka's prize-winning first novel appeared here in September 1993. (Love Enter was re-released in paperback in summer of 1997.)

Benjamin's Home Page

Featured in an early Wired magazine along with mine.

David's Page

David deserves a page too, but this one needs to be updated.


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