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  Dreamscape in flight

The Earth is moving away,
A bird carries its soul
Beyond doubt.
Answers to questions
Half posed and silent
Break the unending tranquility,
The light of hope flickers
Then multiplies, thousandfold,
Welcoming you into the bosom
Of your Universal family.
Why, how, when, wherefrom?
Today, tomorrow, a million years ago,
In another age.
All I had to do was let go
Of the fear of falling
And open my childhood eyes
And it will have happened
Or maybe it already has.


The shaman

What is a shaman?
Somebody who bears the weight of his people
But laughs its heaviness away
Until it reaches the stars
And talks to the Moon
Inside us
Learning how to feel free.
And whispers it to the sparrow
That sings on the porch
For a newborn day.



I still see your eyes and hear your laughter
Crystalline as a mountain spring,
Washing away my sorrows.
Was it real, or was it a dream?
Dreams also end just when you think
That you will find peace.
Glancing you strolling towards your life
Used to fill me with hope,
The greatest narcotic.
Now there's only a dream
Of what could have been
To live my life on Mount Olympus,
King and Queen of the Universe.

A village called True

I travelled the world in search of Truth.
I looked for a country called Wisdom
Where there's a village called True.
"Don't you know where it is?"
Said the traveller.
"It's just over seven seas and seven mountains"
"A mere trifle, you should be there by noon."
So I reached it in time for lunch
But the locals told me
I must have taken a wrong turn.
It is seven seas and seven mountains from there.
There were many more people,
All knowing where True was, but
Not wanting to go there.
It's been seven years and I wonder
Will I ever find it over the next
Seven seas and seven mountains.
Or maybe I already have
And I just didn't stop long enough
To see it.

Gloria Columbii

Hey, Columbus, your Queen is waiting,
For you to discover the wonders of the World
For her greater glory.
What mysteries lay in front,
What untamed, savage land expects
With open arms to set down upon it
The majesty of civilization.
I discovered it, but there was something
Missing here, no soul, we must transplant one.
It's hard to see something that absorbs you peacefully
Even if you crush it under your boots.
But a soul never dies,
It takes in everything, and for all your lineage
After a while, you become part of it.
Until it's your turn to go forth
And discover another New World.
But beware of new souls crushed under the  boots
Of new pioneers.


Blue is flowing all around,
The sky is dripping blue tears,
And people are passing by unaware
That blue is falling silently over them.
The walls are calmly sprouting blue
That gets absorbed by their blue foundations.
The blue is silent and dense, muting
Sounds and images
People's blue words reverberate without echo
In the blueness of the air,
I feel it flowing in my veines
And I see the little droplets of blue
Condensing on cold metal like jewels.
But somehow I am the only one aware
That blue is taking over the world,
Colours and people, sights and sounds,
Isn't it strange?

Infinity is a long time

The whirlwind of life takes me away
Blowing me from event to event,
A new detail to perceive,
A minor chore to perform,
But once in a while I remember
To sit still and contemplate it all.
Life, the Universe, infinity,
The choices seem frighteningly simple.
Will it all end in an instant,
Will this Universe cease to be,
Because what point does it have
A world barren of the realization of being,
The sensation of Me.
Or will it continue without end,
Another chore after another detail
But infinity is a long time to wait,
It will get boring after a while
And there will always be something left to do.
Because if everything will be uncovered, what next?
I wish I'd find an answer that
Doesn't silently scream, echoing in eternity,
Or rather forget everything
And start the questioning cycle again.

I remember pink elephants

There's a crack in reality,
Meaning is dripping away
And absurdity is seeping through.
Sometimes I think pink elephants are flying
Just over the next building
And people just don't understand
My surprise at seeing them;
This isn't how it's supposed to be.
"Pink elephants have always flown
Between the 22nd and 25th streets, why the big eyes?"
My life has slowly gone by
Day after day, year after year
Tableau after tableau, silent and eerie,
But all the pink elephants are just over
The next building, here the emptiness
Is a pink elephant, big and absurd
My life has gone by and you're not in it,
Yet I can feel your presence and remember
Your life permeating my own,
This isn't how it's supposed to be.

Life's little droplets

I was told that life's worth lies
In the heart's happiness,
But how can something you can't steer make you happy?
I drank life's cup to the bottom, but the bitter taste
Was all I felt, I couldn't feel the nectar
No matter how hard I tried.
In the morning, jaded by the always unchanging drink,
I looked up and saw the infinite blue, limpid and fresh,
A few white lines drawing merry shapes ,
Dancing in the breeze.
The warm sun exploding overhead wiped out
Every other sensation, bitter or sweet, and said
  "Take it in, take it in with all the senses,
And let the heart fill up".
Of course, later the rain came, silent and methodical,
But every droplet purifies and replenishes,
Gently soothing my doubts,
Bringing promise of forgetting
And of happiness found in a droplet of rain
and a ray of sunshine.


Pe drum de munte (in inima Romaniei)

Urc mereu, mereu inghitind
Aerul plin de parfumul imbatator al neclintirii
Iarba verde-galbuie, puful papadiilor
Purtand ecoul veacurilor trecute,
Asezandu-se molcom pe constiinta mea.
Taria stancii ma indeamna tot mai departe
Inspre inima perena a lumii mele,
Dincolo de timp, de griji, de teama.
Ciobanasul Mioritei imi zambeste de dupa
Un picior de plai,
Aici nu exista graba, un veac e doar o clipa
Si o clipa e un veac.
Deasupra tuturor Omul isi arunca privirea
Peste timp si spatiu, si Totul se perinda
Prin fata ochilor mintii,
Dar aici intre doua lumi nu exista
Decat fericirea momentului nesfarsit
Si surasul amuzat al oierului
In eterna transhumanta.

Aer de toamna

Toamna arde mocnit in jurul meu,
Vantul ii imprastie scanteile inspre toate colturile lumii,
Racoarea sfarsitului imi invigoreaza pasul
Totul e trecator si lejer, uit de pasiunea fierbinte a verii
Si de certitudinea gerului ce va urma.
Trecut si viitor nu au sens cand prezentul iti umple plamanii
Si culorile danseaza in jurul tau un joc nepasator
Alintandu-ti obrajii si privirea, purtandu-te pe aripile schimbarii.

Vis de tei (vara)

Teiul isi imprastie parfumul dulceag prin aerul molcom,
Momindu-ma cu speranta de a te vedea.
Dulce, alintandu-mi obrajii
Si invelindu-mi sufletul in frumusetea ta,
Ce altceva poate aduce briza verii
Decat fericirea prezentei tale?
Noaptea linistita viseaza impreuna cu mine
Ca mirosul teilor te va conjura din taramul minunat
Si binecuvantat care te ascunde.
Si te va aduce ca sa alini dorinta de absolut
Care ma arde, fie si pentru un moment,
Muritorii nu pot sa spere la mai mult
De la cele care apartin Tinutului Viselor,
Chiar daca mirosul verii sopteste promisiuni imbatatoare
Inauntrul sufletului meu.

Luna noua, Luna veche

Luna imi zambeste ca un complice,
Prietenul vesnic al celor fara somn
Ma intelege, a vazut atatia oameni
Torturati de pasiunile zilei, nimic nu o mai uimeste.
Soarele increzator in sine arde incertitudinile
Vietii si ascunde dorintele inauntrul spiritului.
De toti vazut, totusi nu vede decat forfota de zi cu zi
Ochiu-i scrutator nu vede umbrele
Pe care numai noaptea le descatuseaza.
Vechea Luna insa stie tot, sarutul iubitilor,
Uimirea in fata grandorii Universului,
Uneori mai putina lumina inseamna mai multa claritate,
Trecutul isi dezvaluie suvoaiele involburate
Si viitoruri posibile se incolacesc, creand
Noi Universuri pline de necunoscut.
Iar Luna, Luna zambeste prentru ca a vazut
Totul, a auzit toate suspinele si sperantele
Care au fost si care vor fi.


Drumul se intinde spre orizont
Serpuind prin desertul plin de tacere sticloasa,
Soarele impietrit in corvoada zilnica
Pazeste trecerea din taramul lui ieri
In tinutul lui maine.
Pasii curg molcom unul dupa altul,
Trecutul ma asteapta la capatul drumului,
Viitorul ma impinge de la spate cu blandete
Fata Morgana imi arata si ea incotro voi pleca
Dar nu sta niciodata destul ca s-o aud
Vorbind cuvinte intelepte, dar nu-i nimic
Caci cuvinte belsug se evapora
Din nisip in aerul limpede
Eternitate, Univers, Viata, Iubire, Intelegere,
Intretaindu-se, impletindu-se, risipindu-se
Intr-un dans mocnit si temeinic,
Iar drumul, drumul serpuieste mereu acelasi,
acelasi mereu.

Noapte la teatru

Cuvintele patrund prin linistea salii
Taind-o, intrtaindu-se, inconjurand aerul
Cu farmecul etern al povestii.
O legenda din stravechea memorie a Lumii
Erupe imbracata in straiele prezentului,
Miscandu-ne emotiile in ritmul cadentat
al sensibilitatii.
Pazitorii ritualului rostesc descantecul tainic
Conjurand din noapte eroi si dusmani,
Bucurie si tristete, dragoste si perfidie,
Ecouri ale aventurilor Istoriei si briza Viselor,
Tesand-le intr-un nou taram, doar pentru o seara
Dar maine e o noua zi si la sfarsitul ei
Alti oameni vor pasi in acelasi loc
Dar acum nimic nu mai conteaza caci
Drumul continua si la sfarsitul taramului
Ne asteapta raspunsuri multe
Daca numai ne-am aminti intrebarile.

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