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Horatiu Nastase's Homepage

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I will be at the Global Edge Institute
at the Tokyo Institute of Technology
from November 2006.

  • Hi! And welcome to my homepage. I hope you will
  • enjoy the stuff you will find here. Who am I? I am 
    an Asst. Professor (Research) -postdoc- in the  High energy physics group
    at  Brown University
    in Providence, RI, USA.

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    Here are some things about me:

    Some background

    Some photos

                                            luchian                                                                                                      grigorescu                                        
                                                             Nicolae Grigorescu, "Taranca
                                                             vesela" (Merry peasant woman)

                                                                muzeul satului
                                                                Wooden Maramures church from "Muzeul satului"
                                                                (Museum of the Romanian Village), Bucharest.



                                            Poetry favourites


    Romanian stuff

    Romanian newspapers and media
    -Evenimentul zilei
    -Romanian newspapers and online radio listings
    Romanian culture
    neolithic sculpture     thinker
    Romanian neolithic art: "Ganditorul "        By comparison, "The Thinker"
    (the thinker) and "Femeie Sezand" (sit-    of Auguste Rodin., 1881.
    ting woman), of Hamangia culture, app. 
    5000 B.C. Romanian Museum of Natio-
    nal History
                                             muse                 coloana
                                             "A Muse", by Constantin Brancusi            "Coloana infinitului" (The
                                               (1918), one of the fathers of mo-               endless column), at Targu
                                               dern sculpture.  Notice the evolu-             Jiu, Romania, 1937, also
                                               tion of art since 5000 B.C....                         by Constantin Brancusi.
                                                                And another great column from Romania's history, Trajan's
                                                                column, Rome. Brancusi made a connection between the
                                                                past and the future in more than one way.
    -Detroit Romanian cultural organization (good Romanian overview)
    -Biblioteca romaneasca(virtual library and cultural center; links to other cultural sites)
    -Editura Teora(technical oriented publishing house)
    -Editura Humanitas(humanistic oriented publishing house)
    -Prima Pagina(good starting point for links to anything romanian)
    -Divertis (The best of Romanian humor- Divertis group-they have some mp3's as well)


    -Magazinul Victoria (Romanian virtual shop in USA)
    -Romanian Village (a guide to Romanian diaspora)
    -Romanian Roots (New England romanian association)
    -Gibson wines (Romanian wines in Massachussets :) )

                                                 Various links                                                 

                                                -Metropolitan Opera
                                                -New York Philharmonic
                                                -Metropolitan Museum of Art
      Homepages of some friends
    -Onur's (Onur T. Mentes)
    -Natasa's (Natasa Stojic)
    -Todd's (Todd Brun)
    -Sav's (Savdeep Sethi)
    -Sanjaye's (Sanjaye Ramgoolam)
           -old page (at Brown)
    -Artur's (Artur Adib)
    -Ionut's (my cousin Ionut Grigorescu)
      Princeton links:       -Princeton University
     -High Energy Group at the Physics Dept. of Princeton University
                                              Providence links:
                                         -The Providence Phoenix
                                         -The Providence Journal
    Disclaimer:Any opinions expressed in this page are mine and not those of Brown University.

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