Random Thoughts on Random Things


  •   Death
  •   Peace
  •   Rocking Chairs
  •   Fish
  •   Indigestion




      Is a Knot
      Undoubtedly Mysterious
      Perhaps Unfathomable
      In the Fabric of Life

      Is  a Gaze
      Abandoning the Road Ahead
      For the Infinite Expanse on the Sides
      Of little Design But rich In Form

      Is a Moment
      Of Absent-Mindedness
      Taking a Leap
      Into Eternity

      Is a Mirage Of Finality
      In the Torrid Complexity
      Of What is the Complete Truth
      Perhaps Only a Mirage

      A Knot In the Fabric
      A Farewell to  Design
      A Moment Of Eternity
      A Mirage in the Truth


    There is a point

    To the left of that point is a room
    In a red-brick apartment complex
    With a quiet place to sit

    To the right of that point
    Is a 7-story building containing a room
    Looking out to the ocean

    Above that point
    By the ocean is a tree
    Under the tree a bench

    Below that point
    Sitting  on the bench is a peaceful man
    Looking at the water

    That point  is a  Place
    where Silence Is  Substance
    and Peace is the Universe.


    When the unknown mists of the future
    stand as distant as the mists
    in a giant painting from a nameless painter

    When the routines from the past
    evaporate without  leaving a single trace

     When the present
    resisting all pushes from the past
    and all pulls from the future
    freezes in contemplation of its perfect mystery

    And a thousand stars dim themselves
    To a perfect darkness
    leaving a pitch-black sky,
    And shining darkly
    Against the invisible City Lights

    While the Soul
    Stands like a  black filamentous figure
    On a dark globe
    defining itself for no reason
    Against  the pitch-black sky

    Then the Universe
    And a Lone Shadow
    Sit back on two Rocking chairs
    by a fire-place
    And watch each other
    With a knowing smile


    Three men in warrior garb of some kind
    stuck in a room
    Inside a big wealthy palace guarded by enemies
    They have to escape quietly

    One of them goes out
    and disappears
    not to be seen again

    Two are left
    They get out of the room
    They lose each other

    One of them shoots a gun in the air
    and runs away behind a door,
    against all odds
    escaping notice of a nearby guard
    despite the gunshot !

    Comes the final reckoning
    One muscular man,
    probably one of the first three,
    dressed in a scanty warrior-like outfit
    challenges another similar creature
    and declares his will to terminate the opponent

    He throws into the air
    a weapon with a pointed spear at each end
    It seems that the weapon comes back to pierce
    who could be either the thrower or the target

    The victim settles into being the thrower
    As he dies he becomes a fully metallic
    half man-half flying machine
    By now the opponent is a metallic eagle-headed creature

    The man-plane swoops towards the Metallic Eagle-Head
    But the impact fails to chop off the Eagle-Head

    Eagle Head and  Plane Man
    now become indiscernible
    The fight is entirely between a supple fish of steel
    and none other than itself

    Its long tail slashes through its own body
    creating a dent that extends
    almost to the head,
    and the fish of steel chuckles and says:
    It's a good thing these things are happening
    after I came to be made of steel.


     In the Beginning
     There was the Big Divine Indigestion
    And God couldn't take it
     So  there was the Big Bang

     Have a heavy Meal
     Preferably Spicy
     And Go to Bed
     Immediately after

     The Truth will be manifest