From the dust cover of LOVE Enter by Paul Kafka

Remember what it was like to fall in love -- wildly, hopeless in love -- for the first time? Paul Kafka's gloriously romantic debut novel recaptures love's first days in a sparkling, bittersweet tale of awakening and longing.

Paris sets the scene for the emotional entanglements of four young Americans. Dan and Beck, just out of college, share a ramshackle garret and the friendship of Margot and Bou, two women who happen to be in love with each other. For a brief, enchanted time, the foursome revel in the bohemian splendor of the City of Light. But when loyalties shift, as they inevitably do, the friends discover the heartbreaking boundaries of intimacy. Five years later, Dan is finishing medical school in New Orleans and delivering babies at a local hospital. But memories of Paris haunt him. Where are they now -- outrageous Beck, wise, steadfast Margot, impulsive, irresistible Bou? Do they think of him, and of each other? In the midnight minutes between births, Dan uses the maternity ward's computer to write long letters to his faraway friends, conjuring up the rapture of their early days together, when they were just entering the realm of love.

Stylish, fresh, filled with charmingly offbeat characters and saturated with Parisian sunlight, LOVE Enter is an epistolary romance for the modern age.

Excerpted from the book LOVE Enter by Paul Kafka, 
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Copyright (c) 1993 by Paul Kafka.

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