Dust jacket description

ellletnber what it was like to tall in love—wildly, hopelessly in love—tor the first time? I'aul Katka's gloriously roman- tic debut novel recaptures love's first day.s in a sparkling, bittersweet tale of awaken- ing and longillg.

I'ari.s set.s the scene tor the emotiollal elltallglelllellts of tour voullg Amcricalls. I)an and 13eck, just out of college, share a ratllsllackle garret and the triendship of Margot alld Bou, two women who hap- pell to he in love with eacll other. ~or a l ri~t; ~ncllallted time. the toursolllc revel in the l-ohellliall splendor of the (.ity of l.ight. B.lt whell lovalties shift. as they inevital lv do, the triends discover the hearthreakillg boulldaries ot intilllacy. I~ive vears later, Dall is finishillg med- ical school in New orlealls and delivering l ahies at a loc;31 hospitLIl. But memories of l'aris haullt him. Where are they now —outrageous Beck, wise, steadtast Mar- got, impulsive, irresistible Bou? Do they think of him, and of each other? In the n~idl-ight minutes between births, I)an uses the maternity ward's computer to write long letters to his taraway triends, conjurillg up the rapture of their early days together, when they were just enter- ing the realm of love.

~tylish, tresh, filled with charmingly ottbeat characters and saturated with l'arisian sunlight. I oVk knter is an epis- tolary romance for the modern age. n5194593