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The setting for the novel and the reading

In the novel Dan Shoenfeld, a fourth-year medical sutdent at Tulane, is working nights in the maternity ward of Charity Hospital. Between delivering babies, Dan types three extended letters into a hospital computer designed for writing up cases. His access code is LOVE, and he will eventually send the letters, one through Internet and two by mail, to three close friends with whom he spend a year in Paris after college.

Dan's first letter is to Bou, the woman he knew four years before in Paris, and with whom he is still hopelessly and somewhat abashedly in love. The middle third of the novel, BECK.DOC, is addressed to Beck. Beck was Dan's best friend in Paris and, for a time afterwards, became Dan's enemy. The third letter is to Margot, Bou's lover, who throughout the year in Paris and in the four years since has remained Dan's faithful friend.

Before the reading came...

Introduction by Anne D. LeClaire, acknowlegements. (2 mins, 900K)

The characters, the city, the plumbing. This is just a short introduction by Paul Kafka to the reading from the chapter "Boutique Mademoiselle." (1 min, 500K)

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Introductions (120K)

The Setting (56K)