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"Praise for LOVE Enter:"

Paul Kafka's enchanting novel brings a new dimension to the epistolary romance and a fresh face to the American in Paris. The city gleams and winks, seduces and betrays as if for the first time in this deftly written love story. It's a beauty -- a crazy, unexpected, entirely winning tale: Paris love remembered by a young doctor on the milky computer screen of a New Orleans maternity ward at night. When Paul Kafka hist the Enter key to `save to memory,' the story gets send straight to the heart.

--Patricia Hampl

LOVE Enter is a delight and a revelation, a must-read for lovers of Paris, for lovers of young love in all its awkwardness, beauty, and bittersweet trials. It was hard for me to believe contemporary Paris could still evoke this romantic backdrop in so originial and engaging a fashion, but novelist Paul Kafka, with delicacy, wit, and wisdom, succedds where fainter hearts (and lesser talents) might fear to tread.

--William Wiser

Excerpted from the book "LOVE Enter" by Paul Kafka, 
reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Company.
Copyright (c) 1993 by Paul Kafka.

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