Note - This exhibit first opened on-line in September 1993.

New Fiction --- Author Readings

LOVE Enter is a love story set in Paris and New Orleans and was named the winner of the 1993 Los Angeles Times Book Prize for First Fiction.

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You can also see information about the novel:

For more pointers to books (mostly by dead people) on the Web, be sure to see the "Literature and Arts" index from CERN. You can also visit a WAIS poetry database. Carnegie Mellon has a fiction index as part of its "English Server." You can now also the Alex catalog of books on the Internet.

This exhibit features sound and color images. To take full advantage of it, use a hypermedia WWW browser like NCSA's Mosaic. To hear the readings, it also helps to be on a machine supporting audio. Of course, you can read the five chapters reproduced below on their own even if you are using a line-mode browser.

The text from the novel---roughly one sixth of the book is reproduced here---is kindly provided by the author with permission from Houghton Mifflin. In fact, you should read the disclaimer.

Art credits: Jacket design: Clifford Stoltze Design; Photography: Clifford Stoltze and Rebecca Fagan; Jacket photo of author: Linda Krikorian. Reproduced with permission of Paul Kafka and the Houghton Mifflin Company. Copyright (c) 1993, all rights reserved.

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