Kostas Orginos

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Research Interests

Matrix Models, Lattice QCD.

For a graph on my summer (1993) "work" follow this and this. 1994 was a bad summer in Providence....

Useful software can be found in netlib

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Results from my Lattice QCD projects are listed in this page, where among other things one can find data form the HMC lattice QCD simulation done on the MIT 128-node CM5 and the NCSA 512-node CM5. ( 5.5 0.1600 16^4 run, 5.5 0.1600 32x16^3 run and (5.5 0.1605 32x16^3 run)

Eigenvectors of M^(\dagger) M give some nice pictures.

First results on spectroscopy are here.

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