Products I've used and liked:  

Motherwear nursing shirts, dresses, and infant clothes - these are wonderful!  They are a little expensive but usually worth it to be able to breastfeed in public discreetly, especially in the beginning when you are most self-conscious!  I'm lucky to live somewhat near their outlet store in Massachusetts and have been able to find wonderful deals there!! 

Biobottoms Wool diaper covers - these are great!!  they are thick well-made covers!  I've tried the Nikky's wool covers and prefer these over them anyday!  They have snaps and velcro on the larger sizes which help them stay put much better!  You can throw them in with your regular wash on warm and then just hang dry - they dry pretty fast!  I've been known to put them in my car window when we go out to dry fast in the sun so that when we arrive we have a dry cover that can be used!  I use these at night a lot with my older child with double diapers in them, and have never had a leak in them. 

Nikky's cotton covers - I like these alot too!  They are very lightweight and not bulky at all!   They are great under clothing requiring a slimmer fit!  They are super soft too. 

Rainbow diapers - from Natural Baby - these are good diapers but I find I need to double them or use liners all the time or they will leak badly.  They are hourglass shaped and easily fit into the diaper covers, so they are convenient in that you don't spend time folding, etc.  They are soft flannel with terry liner inside. 

Kushies All-in-Ones  (Ultra) - I like these for night.  They are very absorbent and rarely leak unless there is a messy b.m. to contend with!  They velcro close and are super easy to use.  I have a few of these and use them at night on my youngest who still nurses during the night.  They are bulky and I find them too big to fit under certain styles of clothing. 

Diaper liners from Natural Baby - these are very thick and absorbant!  They are made of a few layers of terry in between soft out-layers of flannel!  I love these for car trips or for overnight use. 

Diaper liners by Kushies - these are very thin (just a couple layers of flannel sewn together) and not as absorbant.  I usually use two and find they are best used to just protect your diapers from being stained by poop as much - they do help a bit with providing a little more absorbancy but not that much. 

Indisposables cloth diapers - They are nice.  They velcro close and are easy to use and have gatherings around legs to keep leaks in!  That is very nice!! 

Motherease diapers and liners (popolino's snap diapers) - They are the best, softest, most absorbant diapers on the market and I love them!!  I've never had a leak with them.  They snap closed and are one size to fit newborn through 35lbs.  They also have liners that snap in too that make these super absorbant - even for heavy wetters at night!  I highly recommend the investment in these diapers!!