Parenting Links
There are so many great parenting sites out there, I have only listed a few that I visit often.  If you know of any great sites you feel should be included here, please email me.  I have also included a list of sites that address the effects of spanking on a seperate page that is very informative and useful .
Parents at Home Page 
The National Parenting Center 
I Am Your Child 
Baby Web: The Internet Parenting Resource 
Baby Online 
Mother and Child Online 
The Idea Box - Early Childhood Education and Activity Resources 
American Academy of Pediatrics Web Site 
The Pediatric Database Homepage 
Preparing for Parenthood 
Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Resource Guide 
Olen Pregnancy, Ovulation, and Childbirth Calendar 
2 Under 2 FAQ - includes information on their mailing list too. - Boston Parents' Paper 
The Labor of Love - Your pregnancy and parenting home on the web.  A great place for parents to network. 
Monthly Pregnancy Mailing Lists 
Expectant Parents' Lists Website 
Pregnancy Stories - Wise words from parents on the 'net' 
I will be updating soon and adding more links!