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Brown HighEnergy Physics

Theory Group

Listed here are office numbers in the Barus & Holley building, phone extensions and email address at het.brown.edu. From off campus dial (401) 86-extension. You can look up other people at Brown in the University's Online Directory. More address and e-mail info below.

Faculty and Research

Name  Office  Phone  E-mail  (het.brown.edu)
Daniel D. Ferrante 541/625 x31470/x33110 danieldf
Herbert Fried 545  x31467  fried 
Gerry Guralnik 529/625 x32623/x33110 gerry
Antal Jevicki  533  x32624  Antal_Jevicki@brown.edu
Savvas M. Koushiappas 508  x36816  koushiappas 
David Lowe  549  x32618  lowe
Marcus Spradlin 531  x31468  spradlin 
Chung-I Tan  531  x31465  tan 
Anastasia Volovich 547  x32622  nastja 

Graduate Students

Name  Office  Phone  E-mail
Dhritiman Nandan 540 x32461 Dhritiman_Nandan@brown.edu
Antun Skanata 540 x32461 Antun_Skanata@brown.edu
Qibin Ye 540 x32461 Qibin_Ye@brown.edu

Visiting Scientists

Name  Office  Phone  E-mail
Miquel Dorca  628  x32647 dorca 
Yves Gabellini 
x31473 yves
Zack Guralnik  625  x33110  zack 
Cengiz Pehlevan 625  x33110  cengiz 
Andre Van Tonder  628 x31473  andre

Administrative Coordinator/Conference Coordinator

Name  Office  Phone  E-mail 
Mary Ann Rotondo 543  x31473  maryann 

Frequent Visitors

Name  Office  Phone  E-mail
Jean Avan
Richard Brower
x31473  brower 
Sumit Das 
x31473  sumit 
Robert DeMello Koch 
x31473  robert
Stephen Hahn  625  x33110  hahn 
Paul Mende 
x31473  mende 
Sanjaye Ramgoolam 
x31473  ramgosk 
Joao Rodrigues
x31473  jr 
Tamiaki Yoneya 
x31473  tam@hep1.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp


Name  Office  Phone  E-mail
Ian Dell'Antonio 528 31154 ian
Richard Gaitskell 516 32275 Richard_Gaitskell@brown.edu
Greg Tucker 518 31441 tucker@physics.brown.edu
Savvas M. Koushiappas 508 3-6816 koushiappas


If you do not have an e-mail address for someone at Brown, try the alias firstname_lastname@brown.edu. (If you think the name is unique try just lastname@brown.edu.) Click here for a sample home page format.

N.B. Information in each page is the responsibility of its owner, and all pages should be signed.

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