I am also a normal person.

Despite being a native Rhode Islander and grad student, I am also a relatively well-adjusted human. This is a picture of me coaching Schrödinger's Bat, the Physics Department softball team that I founded in the waning days of the Bush administration. We were good enough to win the 2009 mid-level intramural championship by one run. It was like The Sandlot but better.

I occasionally write things.

I had a blog called (pretentiously) Topography of Ignorance from 2005-2010. I wrote some pretty weird stuff.

I then wrote even weirder things on Aitchbar, founded 2012, a blog I started with a fellow Brown physicist. There are ukulele tabs, travelogs, transcriptions of plays I found in dumpsters, and unasked-for critiques of things that we find annoying.

Like all 2010's-ians, I twit from time to time at @RyanMichney

"Extreme danger" is my middle name

Barus & Holley Building
Room 717