Stephen C. Hahn

Research interests.

Field Theory, Computational Physics, Computer Science, Miscellaneous.

Member, CHEP group

Information provided or rerouted.

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Publications and abstracts.

R. Easther, G. Guralnik, and S. Hahn, The Sinc Function Representation and Three-Loop Master Diagrams, hep-ph/9912255.

P. Emirdag, R. Easther, G. S. Guralnik, S. C. Hahn, New Numerical Methods for Quantum Field Theories on the Continuum, hep-lat/9909122.

R. Easther, G. Guralnik, and S. Hahn, Fast Evaluation of Feynman Diagrams, hep-ph/9903255.

S. C. Hahn, Functional Methods of Weighted Residuals and Quantum Field Theory, PhD Thesis, Brown University, 1998.

S. Hahn and G. Guralnik, Numerical Field Theory on the Continuum, hep-th/9804187.

S. C. Hahn, Numerical Studies of Two-Dimensional Turbulence on the Beta Plane, BASc Thesis, University of Toronto, 1992.

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hahn AT het DOT brown DOT edu