About the Hypertext Version

About The Web Version

When the idea for Zoetropes, a home on the web for New Zealand literature, first crawled out of the debris of a spectacularly gluttonous Christmas feast in a student flat in Toronto in 1995, it was always the plan that Real New Zealand Literature would be featured at some point. We thought excerpts of the classics would be a good start. Then we remembered that New Zealand already had its own hypertext novel in the form of Bill Manhire's mischievous little choose-your-own-adventure satire, which was the perfect candidate for web publication.

Andrew Fieldsend went on to do all the hard work to make Zoetropes happen, while the web version of The Brain of Katherine Mansfield was conceived, designed and coded by Richard Easther and Jolisa Gracewood. All three are New Zealanders currently on an extended choose-your-own-adventure in the wilds of North American academia. Richard is a physicist, working at Brown University, Jolisa is finishing a PhD in Comparative Literature at Cornell University, and Andrew is finishing his PhD in English at the University of Western Ontario.

We thank Bill Manhire and Gregory O'Brien for permission to recreate The Brain of Katherine Mansfield in hypertext format, and welcome comments and questions at jmg24@cornell.edu or easther@het.brown.edu .