Date:    Thu, 21 Oct 93 14:44:47 PDT
From: barnett@Csa3.LBL.Gov (MICHAEL BARNETT (510)486-5650)
Subject: A final word
The Superconducting Super Collider will not be built. We are all depressed by this great defeat for science, by the ten years of wasted effort by many of the world's leading scientists, and by the irrational, anti-science mood of the U.S. House. After some period of time, most of us will seek to answer the truly fundamental scientific questions of our time at other laboratories. However, American science will never be the same.

My best wishes to all of you, Michael Barnett


The following is a statement by Secretary of Energy Hazel R. O'Leary on the Superconducting Super Collider(SSC):

The decision by the Congress to terminate this project is a devastating blow to basic research and to the technological and economic benefits that always flow from that research. The SSC was expected to be the flagship for the world's high energy physics program, but Congress has now decided that the SSC will not be completed. The House made this decision based on the need to reduce the federal deficit, yet the outcome will be the loss of an important, long-term investment for the Nation in fundamental science.

I deeply regret the House decision, but we see no prospect of reversing it. Accordingly, we have begun the process of an orderly termination of this project. The department will work with the state of Texas as it moves to terminate the project. Over the next months we will study the feasibility of other uses for the assets of the project. The department will also work with the scientific community as we search for ways to ensure the continued progress of research in high energy physics in the absence of the SSC.

Throughout the project's history, the state of Texas has been an excellent, patient partner. To the employees at the SSC site, to the scientists around the Nation and the world who have supported this project, and to the people of Texas, I extend my profound appreciation for your dedication, effort and vision. The department will work closely with the employees and other interested parties to mitigate the impacts of the termination and to assist with transition activities.

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