Date:    Thu, 14 Oct 93 11:08:19 PDT
From: barnett@Csa3.LBL.Gov (MICHAEL BARNETT (510)486-5650)
Subject: Close vote 

October 14

The Energy and Water Development conference committee today voted $640 million for the SSC (the President's request).

As early as Tuesday October 19, the House of Representatives will vote on the rule forbidding amendments to this conference report. If the rule is accepted, they will then proceed to vote on the full conference report. In the case of the Advanced Solid Rocket Motor, it was the rule that was defeated. However, there were 100 votes more opposition to ASRM than to SSC in the inital House votes.

Passage of both the rules and the entire bill are being taken as votes on SSC. Both supporters and opponents expect that the votes will be EXTREMELY close.