Voices on ``Big Science''

This is how some New England members of Congress were recorded on major roll call votes in the week of June 25, 1993. (Source: Boston Globe, June 27, 1993)

To Kill the Supercollider

The House voted 280 for and 150 against to kill the SSC by removing its funding from the 1994 DOE apropriations bill.

To Kill the Space Station

The House rejected, 215 for and 216 against, an amendment to terminate the space station ``Freedom'' by eliminating its funding from the NASA budget (HR 2200). The bill authorizes $12.7 billion over the next seven years for the project. About $9.0 billion has already been appropriated.

			Kill SSC	Kill ``Freedom''

Rhode Island

Ronald Machtley (R)	Yes		Yes
Jack Reed (D)		Yes		Yes


Peter Blute (R)			No	Yes
John Olver (D)		Yes		Yes
Barney Frank (D)	Yes		Yes
Martin Meehan (D)	Yes		Yes
Edward Markey (D)	Yes		Yes
Joseph Kennedy (D)	Yes		Yes
Joseph Moakley (D)	Yes		Yes
Richard Neal (D)	Yes			No
Gerry Studds (D)	Yes		Yes
Peter Torkildsen (R)	Yes			No