Directions to Brown University Physics Department

From the NORTH:

Take I-95 SOUTH to Providence.
   (From  Boston or Cambridge, take I-93 SOUTH [= southeast expressway]
   to the end, then pick up I-95 SOUTH)
Take Exit 24 --- Branch Avenue.

Turn LEFT at STOP sign onto Branch Ave.

At traffic light continue STRAIGHT ACROSS N. Main St.
  (Continuation of Branch Ave. is called Cypress St.
   You will pass a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the opposite right corner.) 
   Follow Cypress St. up hill, over the top, until you reach a stop sign.

Turn RIGHT at STOP sign onto Hope Street.
   (You are heading SOUTH).

Physics (Barus & Holley) is on the NORTHWEST corner of Hope & George St.
   (Pass five traffic lights, then George is next street.)
-> N.B.: After the second light and passing a high school on the right,
   there is a fork in the road:   Hope Street BEARS LEFT.

From the SOUTH

Take I-95 NORTH to Providence.
Take Exit 20 --- I-195 EAST.
Take Exit 2 --- Wickenden St.
Turn LEFT at light onto Wickenden.
Turn LEFT onto Hope St.
   (Pass two traffic lights, then Hope is next LEFT.)
   (You are heading NORTH).
Physics (Barus & Holley) is on the NORTHWEST corner of Hope & George St.


High energy theory group is on 5th floor NORTH (Rooms 529-555 + 514 [South]). Seminar speakers will need come up to get a pass and entry card for the parking lot. Postscript maps of the campus and region are also available by anonymous FTP from in /pub/maps.