Text editing and typesetting

For text editing, the Sun OpenLook textedit tool has a good graphical interface and is the easiest to learn. It is available on pion, quark, and lepton. For general use, including non-graphics terminals and on other machines, emacs is recommended because it is nearly universal. For the purists and masochists, vi is of course available.

For typesetting papers, TeX is now available on pion, quark and lepton. All of the common macro packages used in physics are available. (The files are located in the directory /het/tex/macros.) There is an old guide to the PHYZZX macros and a sample harvmac preprint. The TeX previewer is xdvi. Learn to use it; save some trees. xdvi runs automatically when you double-click a DVI file from the File Manager.

FrameMaker is also available, but it's slow and you won't be likely to find many people to whom you can circulate your documents electronically.