Electronic Mail

Sending and receiving

Your e-mail address for any machine in the group is username@het.brown.edu. Outgoing mail from any machine will give this return address. To send mail withing the group, use just the username.

To read or send mail, the Sun mailtool is highly recommended for its graphical interface. Or you can brave the unix mail command. Read the manual pages and/or look for printed documentation in B&H 625. Mail reading on the other machines is flaky.

The university has a central mail forwarding service so that people can send mail to firstname_lastname@brown.edu or if you are unique, lastname@brown.edu. The bad news is that at present there is no way to give a forwarding address and it will go to your mainframe account, if you have one. The operating system has changed recently so to learn how to forward from the mainframe to here, send mail to help@brownvm.brown.edu.


If you are going to be away, you can have your e-mail forwarded by making a file called .forward in your home directory containing a single line with the new e-mail address. Test before you go to be sure mail won't bounce. To keep a copy here as well, the file should contain
	username@other.machine.edu, \username 
Note the ``.'' in the filename and the ``\'' before your account name.