Brown High Energy Physics

Guide to the HET computer system

What's New

Two new machines, "Now" and "Later" are added to our computer cluster. Those both have dual Pentium II 450Mhz processors.

Now we have two Crays --- no wait --- make that Silicon Graphics supercomputing. Oh..Ooops! They just sold Cray!

New back-up utility is available. Users will be able to recover their lost files or older versions of their work themselves, in their privacy.

See "The Machines" for details.

Our resources

When new questions arise, their answers will be put here. So look before asking.

Help with what you are using

There is an effort being made to provide on-line help to our cluster. If you need some help, try following this link.

For help with Mosaic or Netscape use the ``Help'' menu from the upper right of the menu-bar.

To learn about the Web, browse it! The Mosaic demo document is a good place to begin. The number of servers available is literally growing every day; check out What's New with Mosaic. In addition to on-line information, you could read ``The WWW Book'',

Technical discussions of WWW issues are in the newsgroups comp.infosystems.www.* and For documentation servers, visit hoohoo.

More Documentation

For scpecific [HET cluster] help, follow this link.

For help with the operating system, consult either the manual pages, the info pages or the on-line documentation (the first one is a gateway for reading the manual pages via a web browser, the second one is a gateway for reading the info pages via a web browser and, the third one, is the dwww application - all of them treat mainly GNU apps). For specific questions concerning the Sun OS (Solaris), try this link. There are even some paper manuals in B&H 625.

Links to online documentation to available software and utilities

 Matlab    Numerical/Math-Matrix manipulation software.

 Maple      Symbolic calculation  software. It can be put under the same category as
 Matlab  but there are considerable differences between them.

 Latex        Writing papers?

 Tecplot    Plotting software.

 Emacs      Text editor.

  Vi               Text editor for more conservative.

Life on the internet

A compendium of USENET FAQs (Frequently Asked Question lists, with answers) on many topics, from unix to TeX to birdwatching to pro wrestling, is another source of information.