Computational High Energy Physics


Welcome to the Computational High Energy Physics (CHEP) group page. We pursue alternative, complementary approaches to numerical quantum field theory to those methods based on Monte Carlo approximations of the functional (path) integral. Our work is primarily focussed on obtaining `best' approximations, via methods of weighted residuals, to solutions of the Schwinger-Dyson equations. In the course of this work, we have asked many (and convincingly answered a few) questions concerning the basic formulation of quantum field theories.

On this page, we provide descriptions and pointers of recent publications, to member home pages, and to group facilities. Further information about the CHEP group can be obtained by sending inquiries to

>>General Information


Currently, the following people are affiliated with the CHEP group, either in the core at Brown University or via collaborative efforts:
Gerry Guralnik Professor Brown
Pinar Emirdag Graduate Student Brown
Dmitri Petrov Graduate Student Brown
Daniel D. Ferrante Graduate Student Brown
Stephen Hahn Visiting Scientist
Richard Easther Research Associate Columbia
Santiago Garcia Research Associate
Zach Guralnik Research Associate UPenn
John Lawson Visting Assistant Professor Clemson
Gregory Boyd Undergraduate Student Brown
Mickayel Mkrtchian Undergraduate Student Brown


CHEP is a major participant in the Theoretical Physics Computing Facility at Brown University, directing funds from the Department of Energy towards the purchase of two Cray medium-scale supercomputer platforms, as well as a collection of workstations for code development and data analysis.

For production work, the group uses the remote large-scale supercomputing facilities at NERSC. We are beginning investigations into massively parallel algorithms, as applied to our large sets of nonlinear equations.

>>Help and Manuals

If you need help with *nix (Unix, Linux, Solaris, Irix, etc...) commands (mainly GNU applications), please try any of the following links:


The papers submitted in 2001: The papers submitted in 2000: The papers submitted in 1999: A number of talks were given in 1998: Professor G. Guralnik summarized his talk from June 1996 at the AUP Quantum Chromodynamics Workshop in Paris: Zach Guralnik gave the following talk at the AUP Quantum Chromodynamics Workshop in Paris in June: The following two documents are from talks given at the Coral Gables conference this past spring: The paper from which these two talks derive is in final preparations. Some earlier papers are currently available on Professor Guralnik's page.